Czabe Announces Retirement

If you happened to miss today's show, you missed Czabe make an announcement. He has decided to retire, not from radio, but from bowling. He attended his co-host Josh's birthday party which was at New Berlin Bowl. There was plenty of fun to be had, but at one point Czabe questioned why he was sticking and not sliding on his approach. Josh suggested he put the weight on the slide part of his foot instead of the rubber heel. Czabe claims Josh told him to not slide on his heel at all. On Czabe's next shot he slid too much and fell down face first. As everyone stood in shock of what had just happened. Czabe got up and laughed it off, only to come in this morning and make the announcement that he has decided after the event to retire from the sport of bowling.

The Steve Czaban Show

The Steve Czaban Show

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