Josh Apologizes For Saying Ric Flair Died

From time to time everyone makes mistakes, but today I made a big one. If you happened to be listening to the Steve Czaban Show today, you heard me say that WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair had died at the age of 70. It turns out that was fake news, and I fell for it. In a matter of second my twitter timeline was flooded with reports that he had died and I had Czabe announce it on air. It wasn't until a few minutes after he announced the news that I discovered that it was indeed fake news and that the Nature Boy was still with us. I thought it was necessary for me to hold a press conference and apologize publicly to Ric, his family, fans of the WWE, Czabe, our listeners, and everyone else impacted by my actions. The press conference is below.

The Steve Czaban Show

The Steve Czaban Show

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