Ryan Hollins coming up on The Double Team/Triple Play/ featuring Thunder

Ryan Hollins, who has been critical of Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks, will join Bob Brainerd, Dario Melendez and Mitch Nelles on The Double Team/Triple Play featuring Thunder today - Thursday, May 9th.

Hollins played a bunch of years in the NBA, and is now on some TV show on ESPN talking about NBA. He has mentioned numerous times how he prefers James Harden as his MVP to Giannis, and he recently predicted the Bucks would absolutely lose to the Celtics in the second round.

So, this should be fun and interesting and super neat.

Ryan Hollins and Dario Melendez follow each other on Twitter.

Listen here:thegamemke.com/listen

It's All Thunder!

It's All Thunder!

Mitch Nelles, aka Thunder, is a long-time resident of the Milwaukee area with some serious Wisconsin roots. Read more


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