I told you the series was over. Some of you got mad at me on social media, but I don’t care. You can be mad at me. You knew it; I knew it. The Pistons stink. The Bucks are great. The series is over.

So now, can I talk about Boston?

Thank you.


My daughter, Hallie, is 8-1/2. She LOVES basketball. I mean, really LOVES the NBA. Like, during the regular season, she’d get up early EVERY morning and check our fantasy score. She still talks about Ben Simmons, Victor Oladipo, Domantas Sabonis, Jayson Tatum and Eric Bledsoe.

We actually had to discuss the difference between cheering for the players on our fantasy team versus cheering for OUR team(s).

(After Oladipo got hurt, we struggled… ended up finishing 7th).

Last year, Hallie was a HUGE Celtics fan. I think that was influenced by me – the C’s had such a fun season and played so well after Hayward – and then Irving – got hurt. We were all in on the C’s last year.

But that was last year. THIS is 2019. This was a special season for our Milwaukee Bucks.


I’m in Grayton Beach, Florida, for the Passover vacation with my family (near Fort Walton/Destin). As I was out walking today, I met a gentleman in a Marquette shirt. I said: “Whitefish Bay!”, and he said: “Cedarburg!” It was great.

Turns out, his daughter lives in Wauwatosa, and they are big Bucks fans (who isn’t these days?)

As we walked by their house before dinner tonight, the family was all decked out in Bucks gear. We all yelled “Go Bucks!” In Florida. In Grayton Beach. It was awesome.


So, it was interesting, sitting next to Ted Davis every day this Milwaukee Bucks season. I’ll get more into this in future blogs, but needless to say, he helped with the enthusiasm level. But I’ll be honest – I didn’t need any help this season.

This season, I’ve been ALL IN on the Bucks all season long. And you know what? So has Hallie. So has the family we met today in Florida. And the numbers are growing daily.

So now we are here. BUCKS-CELTICS.

Game on.

It's All Thunder!

It's All Thunder!

Mitch Nelles, aka Thunder, is a long-time resident of the Milwaukee area with some serious Wisconsin roots. Read more


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