So, the Celtics just swept the Pacers, and let’s be real – the Pistons will NOT beat the Bucks in 7. I guess Detroit could win game 4 (I highly doubt it, I predicted a sweep), but even so, we are headed for the second straight year of Bucks-Celtics in the NBA Playoffs.

Last year, the C’s were the #2 seed, and the Bucks took them to 7 games. The home team won all 7 matchups, which meant Boston won game 7 in Beantown.

You know what? I’d take that again this year – the home team winning all 7 games. Because that would mean a Bucks series win.

“What?” you say? But Thunder, you’re from Boston, you always cheer for your birthplace teams.

Well, not so fast my friends. I always cheer for who needs it more, and who can benefit it the most. I wear Boston AND Milwaukee on my sleeves, and I am OK with that. For the multitudes of you who say I cannot cheer for two fan bases, you are 100% WRONG, and that’s the truth.


I was born in Boston in February 1976. I was in the womb when Fisk hit that home run, but the Sox lost the World Series to the Reds.

I lived through the Blizzard of ’78 (and Bucky F-ing Dent), the Celtics of the 80s, the ’86 Red Sox, the blip of the Patriots-Bears Super Bowl, and more.

But you know what? I remember being at the MECCA in the mid-80s, for a Bucks-Sixers playoffs game. The entire crowd was chanting: “Barkley Sucks!” and I fell in love. You know why? BECAUSE I HATED BARKLEY TOO!

My grandparents were born and raised in the city of Milwaukee. My uncle was – and still is – a beer vendor, then at the MECCA and County Stadium, and to this day at Miller Park.

I attended Packers preseason games at County Stadium when Perry Kemp had big games. I remember staying up late to listen to the ’82 World Series from my mom’s bedroom in the Boston suburbs.

After I moved to Milwaukee in 1990, my fandom increased exponentially. I cheered as Barry turned around the Badgers. I cheered as Brett – and then Reggie – came to Green Bay and lifted a franchise.

And I worked for the Bucks from ’97-’01, when I dyed my hair Green & Purple for the 2001 Playoffs against the Sixers (man, I hate the Sixers).


So, here we are today. The Celtics are moving on the 2nd round, and the Bucks are on the precipice.

I’m planning on blogging daily as this becomes my reality for the next two weeks.

And while my childhood friends may get mad at me, and my summer camp friends (in New Hampshire) may berate me, like Triple-H says… I have TWO WORDS FOR YA!


It's All Thunder!

It's All Thunder!

Mitch Nelles, aka Thunder, is a long-time resident of the Milwaukee area with some serious Wisconsin roots. Read more


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