Happy Trails, Moose

I've said this many times and i'll say it again. Everyone is a different type of sports fan, and everyone handles things differently and in their own way, and look, that's fine. Time and time again i've talked about it, it's okay that everyone has their own way of being a fan. When bad things happen some respond in anger. We saw a lot of that yesterday from Brewers fans on twitter, heard it as many of you have called and texted in your frustrations to our shows. However, it's so early in the process that personally it's hard for me to get that indignant. However, I understand the pain and the emotional hurt of losing a great player and fan favorite.

Like I always say, many respond with anger, but I respond with sadness. To me losing Moose is sad, sorta like your friend that has to move cause their dad got a new job and now he's going to a different school, and you get so blubbery you take it upon yourself to make sure you guys always stay in touch. That's where it hits me. I know that Moose did what he had to do, just like your friend's dad did. But it's still sad.

So happy trails my friend, i'll always remember the good times. Thanks for the memories.

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