Feeling Like a Loser On a Monday

Everyone handles losses in their own way, different ways. Sometimes I take umbrage when others handle losses differently than I do, but you know what, everyone is different and that's something I always have to remember. Not everyone processes things like I do, and that's okay. Sometimes I would like fans to be less unreasonable in their takes, have a bit more perspective and handle things with aplomb, but hey I can't tell fans how to fan.

For me, when my team loses in a quite demoralizing way, like the Packers did Sunday night, I just feel sad. Like a tired old rag ball that just got kicked around. Like the kid you would see in a cereal or Kool-Aid or Skip It commercial that was down on his dauber before something magically came and made everything better and happy. I feel like that kid. I usually don't respond with anger or indignant feelings against my team like some others, but I understand that some cope better by processing it that way.

But let me tell you, there are some games you just lose, and some that make you feel like a loser. Boy, do we all feel like losers today.

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