5 Things I Learned From My United Center Experience Monday Night

As many of you know, I took a trip 90 miles south to the Windy City Monday night with my lovely girlfriend (who despite being a Bulls fan, has many other good qualities) to see the Bucks pull out a win. It wasn't a dominating performance, but they got the job done when necessary. Here are my five takeaways from Monday Night:

  1. Chicago sucks. Yeah it's a cool city and all, and there is some excitement about going into the "Madhouse" on a chilly night on the west side of Chicago, but mostly it sucks. The traffic is ridiculous all the time, no one knows where they are parking, and when you finally find parking it's like 30 bucks. You kidding me? That's 6 TACO BELL BOXES. Hell no.
  2. The league must have it out for Giannis. Seriously, this is the MVP getting ticky-tack fouls on him all the time. What gives? I never saw Michael Jordan get called for 5 offensive fouls in one game.
  3. Jim Boylen looks like a bald and fatter Joey Gladstone. I mean seriously he does, and the dude whines and gets triggered about everything. That's the most I can say for a guy who is 21-50 as a head coach.
  4. Fiserv Forum is so much better than the United Center. Maybe this isn't totally fair because Fiserv is new and the United Center is at least 20 years older now, but the stadium bowl itself is a lot more intimate in Milwaukee, and the concessions are so much better there isn't even a contest. I was excited to get some ice cream last night and all they had was soft serve.
  5. The Bulls have talent, but they lack sufficient direction. I think aside from the greatness of Giannis, the Bulls almost have as much talent as the Bucks. It sounds crazy, but I am serious - they have a lot of talented players, but they lack the cohesiveness or rhythm that a quality coach and system brings, like the Bucks. But they have some promising young players.

Overall it was a great trip. Mostly because the Bucks finally took control in the last 4 minutes and won, and also because I have the best girlfriend in the world who got the tickets and was a good sport even though I was talking incessant Bucks trash!

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