Our State's Biggest Rivalry Is Sneaking Up On You

Marquette and Wisconsin will renew their annual rivalry Sunday, and for some reason it feels like the match-up, which is used to seeing a lot of hype, hasn't generated the chatter we're used to. There might be a few reasons for that: neither team is expected to be a serious contender in March, we've been distracted by other fall sports - but most of all it's because this game is falling so much earlier than in the past. Marquette - Wisconsin is usually in December when both teams have played a majority of their non-conference schedule, and fans of both team have been lathered up by preseason tournaments and other games that give a better sense of the quality of both sides. This years's edition is so early it's hard to really say much about either team. Marquette has had 1 good test, a comeback win Wednesday night against Purdue, and Wisconsin lost a close one in their only test against a ranked St. Mary's team. So what should we expect? It's hard to know really, the Badgers will have the advantage of being at the Kohl center, but Marquette has the momentum in the series, winning the last 2 games. Either way, don't sleep too late Sunday, because history has an appointment with you at noon!

Enjoy highlights from the last 2 match-ups below!

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