The Best Five Months Of The Year Start Tonight

I love sports, all sports, but there is nothing quite like the excitement of the beginning of college basketball season. It's partly because it's so personal for me, as a very wistful lover of nostalgia. I think about and reflect on the fun times I had in college, my idealistic youth, filled with so much promise and excitement as I walked the halls of Marquette University. Going to games and being part of the college sports experience was so special for me. The memories, the excitement, the people I shared it with and of course the teams I remember. One of my favorite teams ever, the 2002-2003 Marquette Final Four team. As a college freshman, being able to experience that run with the great Dwyane Wade was just the most exhilarating experience. So I've always felt the excitement for college basketball in a more personal way. To celebrate, let's enjoy the best version of One Shining Moment!

YouTube: T3SportsNCAA

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The Double Team with Dario Melendez

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