Why Don't They Do The NFL Quarterback Challenge Anymore?

Remember sports in the 90's, when things were fun, and we were allowed to have fun, and there were pro athletes that weren't afraid of fun? So much other stuff going on now. Anyway, i'm not trying to sound like an old man, but sometimes there is something I come across that reminds me starkly how different things were 20 or so years ago and what it says about us as a sports watching society. Case in point: I came across this on YouTube yesterday when I was off. So much fun! Remember all these guys in their backwards hats, man quarterbacks in the 90's were just so cool. Look at Testaverde running around and Neil O'Donnell not trying to make a fool of himself.

Why don't they do this anymore? Maybe there is no incentive for the players to do it, but dang if it wouldn't be cool. I would love to see Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes compete throwing off their back foot into a bucket. Let's face it, guys are probably too worried about putting some embarrassing moment on tape and becoming a meme. Too bad. At least we can watch and enjoy the good old days!

YouTube: NFL Throwback

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