Happy NBA Opening Day Everyone

Ah yes, for basketball nerds, hoops heads, whatever you want to call them, for those that love roundball this is like every holiday rolled into one. It's the opening day in the NBA, and it's the start of one of the best, okay let's be honest, worst regular seasons in sports....but still the excitement of the season is palpable. Nothing like those cold winter nights walking into your favorite arena, cheering on your team, and experiencing the best athletes in the world. There is nothing like the magic and excitement of the NBA, and there is only one way to get it started...with the greatest theme of all time. The NBA on NBC John Tesh roundball rock theme. Yes you all know it, it's the greatest, and here it is.

There are so many great NBA on NBC opens. I choose this one for today...it's the open from game 5 of the 1993 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. So much going on in this series...and this game...literally changed the course of NBA history. The Knicks on the verge of stopping the Bulls dynasty...up 2-0...and the Bulls turning it back to even after John Starks runs his mouth. Now game 5 in the Garden....the game the Knicks needed to hold home court. What a time...what drama...what a moment! This is one of the great opens in NBA on NBC history. Enjoy!

YouTube: Larry Renforth

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