I Still Think This is The Best Aaron Rodgers Throw Ever

I've been accused of being many things in the past, and one of those things is an Aaron Rodgers homer. Yeah sure, i'm a Packers fan, and I love the guy, but I think it's still the most reasonable objective take that he is the best to ever play the position of quarterback. I know many will protest, but I think they do it knowing deep down that Aaron is the best. They just come up with some sort of mental gymnastics to deny that truth. Anyway, that's not really the point of this blog. From time to time I try to consider all of the great plays and throws that Aaron has ever made, and I still think this one stands up as the best throw of this career. Because of the pre-snap protection adjustment, the fact that it resulted in a score, and the overall difficulty of the throw considering where he was, being brought down, and how closely the receiver was covered, this still holds up as his best. By the way, you could also put this up there as one of Adams's best catches. What say you?

YouTube: Chris Fuchs

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