It's Gameday! Get Pumped Up With This Brewers Hype Video

Well this is it. It's October. The leaves are turning, the crisp fall whisk is in the air (well actually it's not today as it's unseasonably warm, but you get my point) and it's time to dream dreams of baseball glory. The Brewers lock horns tonight with the Nationals in a one game wild card and if you're a Brewers fan, these are moments you are able to experience far too infrequently. In 50 years of the franchise's existence, this is only the 6th time fans will be experiencing playoff baseball, and it's not something to take for granted. So let's get fired up, dream the dreams of baseball glory, and get ready to immerse ourselves in October baseball, where every pitch and every moment has enough intensity and energy to power a city block.

If you're like me, you love nothing more than a great hype video to get your juices flowing. So let's go Brewers fans. You carried the team this far. Let's carry them home!

YouTube/ MVT Prod.

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