Do You Believe In Magic?

After 5 of the most ordinary months of baseball that I can remember, a team that was literally playing .500 ball for about 3 straight months, and one of the most unbelievable 3 week September stretches in club history, the Milwaukee Brewers have a magic number with 9 games to go to clinch a playoff spot. Now technically, they always have a magic number, all teams do no matter their standing (a magic number is a combination of your wins and losses by the closest standing contender that would clinch said spot). However when you are in the lead of whatever it is you are fighting for (division, wild card standing etc.) you essentially have a TRUE magic number that you can control through your destiny. That is, you don't need help from anyone else. So with 9 games to go, the Brewers magic number is 9, and they can clinch their spot without needing anyone else to lose.

Now, will they win 9 in a row? Well, no probably not, but the point remains.

Speaking of magic, how the hell did we get here anyway? In this whirlwind that has been 3 weeks of amazing baseball, it's still makes me incredulous that the Brewers are in the position they are. So do you believe in magic? It's really felt that way, something that you almost couldn't believe if you scripted it. It's basically the real life version of the comeback montage in Major League, which I still contend is the best 2 minutes and 40 seconds in cinematic history.

Gee, don't you just love when life imitates art?

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