Josh and Armen Have Their Long Awaited NBA Jam Rematch on Wombo Sports

One of the best times of the week at the 97.3 The Game headquarters is Wednesday, because it's Wombo Sports Wednesday! Yes that is when several of our team members at 97.3 The Game get strapped in and put on the headsets to try and achieve e-sports glory. Let's be honest, it's more about the bragging rights, well that and the ability to tap into that nostalgic and wistful well of youthful memories. When all you had to worry about is what game you were gonna rent from blockbuster and if mom bought enough Chef Boyardee for the weekend.

Anyway, this showdown was a long time coming. Armen and Josh played NBA Jam weeks ago in one of the first Wombo Sports Wednesday events, and it led to an absolutely epic overtime win for Josh that sent him into pure pandemonium and Armen into despair. Ever since then, Armen has been waiting to get another shot at Josh. Today he finally got that chance. How did it finish? You need to watch to see.

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The Double Team with Dario Melendez

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