The Trailer for Frozen 2 is Here!

Disney's Frozen is the number one grossing animated film of all time. Today the first trailer dropped for it’s sequel, Frozen 2. The trailer featured all of the main characters from the first film. The trailer had a very serious feel to it that was not expected but definitely caught people’s attention.

“Frozen II trailer looks pretty damn good but a few quick thoughts. 1) does Elsa have a Jesus complex now? Trying to run on the ocean like she’s a boss! 2) It looks like frozen is entering Mordor. All it’s missing is Sauron’s all seeing eye and some Hobbits.But with that said, I’m in! Looks good.” - Dario

“I don’t get why everyone is making such a big deal about Elsa running on water. She freezes it with every step. We saw this already in the first film. The trailer reminded me a lot of a marvel super hero trailer but without revealing who the bad guy was. I’m hoping that in the next trailer it shows a little bit more of the comedic/fun side that we’ve come to love from the first Frozen film.” - Josh

The trailer is below, what are your thoughts?

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The Double Team with Dario Melendez & Bob Brainerd

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