Can The Bucks Adjust From Being The Hunters To The Hunted?

The Bucks suffered their second loss of the season on Wednesday night in Boston in a 116-105 loss to the Celtics. Ted Davis joined The Crossover earlier today from Orlando to react to last night's game and look ahead to Friday night's matchup against the Magic with Dan Needles and Bob Brainerd (filling in for Ted). They asked Ted if the blown 19-point lead last night and the 21-point lead blown last Saturday against the Heat is a concerning pattern or if it's the Bucks needing to adjust to getting every team's best shot. They also asked him if he believes Giannis is getting the "Shaq treatment" and why he's not getting the calls other superstars get. Finally, they asked Ted how big of a concern the perimeter defense is and what the Bucks need to do to improve it. Take a listen and don't forget to tune in to The Crossover from 11am-1pm!

The Crossover with Ted Davis & Dan Needles

The Crossover with Ted Davis & Dan Needles

Dan Needles and Ted Davis, two of the most recognized sports figures in Milwaukee, talk everything Milwaukee every day. Read more


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