Will The Brewers Use The Same Pitching Strategy If They Make The Playoffs?

The Brewers look to close in on a playoff spot in Cincinnati on Tuesday after an off day on Monday. Tom Haudricourt from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel joined The Crossover with Ted Davis and Dan Needles earlier today to look ahead to the Crew's series against the Reds. They asked Tom how big of a factor having home-field advantage is in the wild-card game and whether having the starting pitching edge is more important in a one game scenario. They also asked him who he thinks the starter will be in the wild-card game for the Brewers and if he thinks there's any chance they'll go past four innings even if the starter is pitching well. Finally, they asked Tom if the pitching strategy will change for the Brewers if they advance to the NLDS and what he expects will happen with the Cubs outside of manager Joe Maddon getting fired. Take a listen and don't forget to tune in to The Crossover from 11am-1pm!

The Crossover with Ted Davis & Dan Needles

The Crossover with Ted Davis & Dan Needles

Dan Needles and Ted Davis, two of the most recognized sports figures in Milwaukee, talk everything Milwaukee every day. Read more


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