Are Local Fans More Whiny and Entitled Than Ever?

After a frustrating walk off loss to the Cincinnati Reds Tuesday night, fans have once again made their voices of displeasure heard loud and clear. Dan Needles wonders aloud after some of the things he is reading and hearing lately, if more fans locally are whinier, more arrogant, and more entitled than they ever used to be. Is this possible? Is our market changing, or is it just a characteristic of sports fans in general. Has it changed that much or do we just have vehicles to vent these frustrations? Click below to listen as Dan, Bob, and Armen discuss this issue.

The Crossover with Ted Davis & Dan Needles

The Crossover with Ted Davis & Dan Needles

Dan Needles and Ted Davis, two of the most recognized sports figures in Milwaukee, talk everything Milwaukee every day. Read more


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