Will The Bucks Be Priced Out of the Malcolm Brogdon Market?

Well, it's that time of the year again! That's right, the NBA Finals are over, we're approaching July, and that means the always exciting, dramatic, and intense free agency season in the NBA. At issue for the Bucks: their backcourt, and specifically perimeter stalwarts Khris Middleton and Malcolm Brogdon. With some indicators suggesting that unrestricted free agent Middleton will likely be back - the attention focuses on Brogdon, who is a restricted free agent. That means the Bucks will have the right to match any offer sheet he gets from another NBA team, and without a doubt there will be suitors. How much are the Bucks willing to pay to keep Brogdon? Is there a point of no return? Bucks beat writer Matt Velasquez joins Ted and Dan to discuss this and other NBA free agency topics. Click below to listen!

The Crossover with Ted Davis & Dan Needles

The Crossover with Ted Davis & Dan Needles

Dan Needles and Ted Davis, two of the most recognized sports figures in Milwaukee, talk everything Milwaukee every day. Read more


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