Ted is in a War With a Mating Raccoon

The first day of Summerfest has kicked off with a bang! But most importantly Ted was up most of the night dealing with a problem. That's right, late last night he heard the rustling and noise from his roof, of a virile and amorous raccoon! This beast of a trash panda (as Armen likes to call them) was going to town on Ted's siding, unaware or uninterested that there may have been predators looking to end it's reign of terror. You don't want to miss the rest of this epic saga and this beast that Ted surely hasn't heard the last of. Click below to listen!

The Crossover with Ted Davis & Dan Needles

The Crossover with Ted Davis & Dan Needles

Dan Needles and Ted Davis, two of the most recognized sports figures in Milwaukee, talk everything Milwaukee every day. Read more


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