Can The Packers Generate Turnovers Against Good QBs In The Playoffs?

The Packers will look to get their tenth win of the season as they return to Lambeau Field on Sunday to take on the Redskins. Bill Huber from Sports Illustrated joined Heller and Dolphin earlier this morning to talk all things Packers. They asked Bill what his initial thoughts were on the matchup against the Redskins and if he expects a heavy dose of the run game from the Washington offense. They also asked him if the Packers can get by in the playoffs with the defense they have now or if they have to create turnovers like they did on Sunday to keep offenses at bay. Finally, they asked Bill if it's fair to say that the Vikings are just a better team than the Packers right now at this point in the season even after their loss last night at Seattle. Take a listen and don't forget to tune in to Heller and Dolphin from 8am-11!

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