The latest on Quintez Cephus being reinstated to the UW

Jesse Temple of joins Heller and Dolphin to tell us what it means that Quintez Cephus has been reinstated at the University of Wisconsin. Cephus hasn't been cleared to play football.
Here is part of the UW's statement. To read the rest click here: "UW–Madison has a responsibility to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct in a prompt and thorough manner, as directed by state and federal laws. The university applies its code of conduct impartially and consistently regardless of the identities of the individuals involved.
In the case of Quintez Cephus, this process functioned appropriately and in accordance with state and federal guidelines and proceeded based on the information available to UW–Madison at the time of the university’s investigation and hearing process.
UW–Madison obtained information following the criminal proceeding that was not provided to the university during the student conduct process. Chancellor Rebecca Blank conducted a review of this information and the petition for Quintez Cephus’ reinstatement as quickly as possible and in a complete and impartial manner.


Florida Atlantic v Wisconsin

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