KB's Quarantine Album Day 2: Dawes - All Your Favorite Bands

I'm a singer/songwriter fan. I love a great storyline and great lyrics regardless of the genre of music. Perhaps that is why my musical tastes can span everything from Springsteen to George Strait to Dan Fogelberg. Which brings me to today's recommendation, "All Your Favorite Bands" by the LA Americana band Dawes.

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Formed by brothers Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith, Dawes combines an updated take on the Laurel Canyon sound of the 1970's with extremely intelligent lyrics to craft stories you can visualize in your mind. Take for example the phrase, "When I think of you, you still got on that hat that says "Let's Party". Once you hear it you'll say "Hey, I know that guy". My guess is his name is Dwayne.

Enjoy the listen.

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