Finally, A Show About People Getting Bit By Animals.

Meet Adam Thorn and Rob "Caveman" Alleva, the hosts of the new History Channel series Kings of Pain and quite possibly the dumbest men to ever walk upright. Kings of Pain is basically Jackass without the little people getting hit in the balls. It's about two guys who travel the world and deliberately subject themselves to the most painful bites of the nastiest snakes, reptiles, and insects on earth in order to rank the bites by pain level all in the name of science.



What the hell is wrong with people? Why would anyone in their right mind do this? Science my ass. Maybe I can understand one guy wanting to do this, But Adam Thorn talked his buddy into doing it with him! Either Thorn is the greatest salesman ever or his buddy is a complete and utter moron who should only be able to use the rounded scissors. But what I really want to know is, how drunk were they when they came up with this idea to randomly get chewed on by a reticulated python? Better yet, why didn't they '86 the idea when they sobered up?

Fact of the matter is I really don't care why they're doing it, I'm just glad they are. This has the potential to be the greatest television show in the history of television and my DVR is already set on Record Series.

Drew & K.B.

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