Looks Like I'll Be Spending 87.3% Of My Waking Hours Watching Breaking Bad

Exactly two weeks from today, "El Camino", the Breaking Bad movie goes live on Netflix. Subsequently, it will break the internet and I plan to be one of those people swinging Thor’s Hammer of internet destruction. Therefore, in order to prepare for this feat I have only 14 days to binge re-watch all 5 seasons of the epic series. That's a total running time of 62 Hours or 2 Days 14 Hours.


Three years ago I watched all 7 seasons of Game of Thrones between Thanksgiving and Christmas so I know it can be done. To complete that legendary binge I spent approximately 22.3% of my waking hours watching Game of Thrones. To complete Breaking Bad in a shorter amount of time, it will take approximately 25% of my total waking hours. However, if I plan on keeping my previous time commitments that number leaps to an astronomical 87.3% of my waking hours being spent watching Walter White and Jesse Pinkman's lives spiral out of control convincing me beyond the shadow of a doubt that no good can come from cooking and/or using crystal meth.

See my work below.

As you can see this is a very formidable task and I’ve already wasted an hour writing this blog so time is of the essence. I’ll be back in touch sometime on October 12. 



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