Pizza Hut Introduces Cheez-It Pizza And It’s About Damn Time!

Taco Bell started the madness of combining menu items with delicious salty snack treats with the introduction of the Nacho Cheese Dorito taco shell. A menu item that indicated to me their menu development department was in the back room of a Colorado dispensary. The Loco Taco paved the way to the Subway Fritos Steak and Cheese sub, which then begot the KFC Cheetos Chicken sandwich all of which sucked. But now, Pizza Hut has finally discovered the holy grail, the perfect union if you will, of snack foods and primary menu offerings. 

The Cheez-It Pizza.

Four large Cheez-It squared stuffed with pizza ingredients. Genius. How this could have taken so long to be introduced to the world defies logic. 

It’s simply perfect in its design. They start with the GOAT of all cheese snack crackers, the Cheez-It. For the record, The Cheez-It kicks Cheese Nips' ass, not only because of the taste and crunch, but because cheese is spelled with a “z” and the name has a hyphen. Not to mention that cheese doesn’t have nipples making them inherently flawed from the start. Who among us hasn’t resisted purchasing the 2 pound box of Cheez-Its at Costco for fear they would crush the entire box in one sitting without the least bit of remorse. Conversely, would you ever think of crushing a 2 pound box of Cheese Nips. No. 

The crust tastes like a Cheez-It. The cheese inside is cheesy. The pepperoni is pepperoni-y and the marina is on the side. It's life changing for sure. An explosion of mouth flavors that would make a crossfitter abandon their workouts. Sure, it’s more like a toasted ravioli, but who cares about the name. It’s brilliantly executed and we should all be thankful we're lucky enough to have it a part of our lives even if it is for a limited time only.

Drew & K.B.

Drew & K.B.

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