I Saw "The Joker" Trailer And I'm Setting Up A Tent At A Theater Tonight

I’ve never seen an Avengers movie, I’ve only briefly seen part of a few of the buh-jillion Spiderman movies currently in existence and I probably never will. I think the people who camp out for weeks waiting for the midnight showing of the next Star Wars movies are so maladjusted they shouldn't be allowed out of their parents basement. I don't understand why. I don't want to understand why. I have no intention of ever understand why.

Then I saw the trailer for “The Joker”.


This trailer is so effing awesome that as soon as I’m done writing this I’m heading to Cabela’s to get a tent so I can set it up in front of the nearest Marcus Theater. I don’t care if the movie doesn’t open until October. I'm hunkering down with the rest of the greasy haired sporting, unkempt beard growing, two sizes two small “May The Force Be With You” t-shirt wearing societal outcasts. Hell, I might even learn to play “Magic: The Gathering”, that’s how kick ass this movie looks.

Granted, the Heath Ledger Joker was deliciously evil and depraved, but Joaquin Phoenix has taken the title of “most effed up, psychotic, freak the s*** out of me Joker” to another level. Don't believe me? Watch the trailer.

He's Norman Bates with greasepaint. He’s Buffalo Bill with big shoes and a red nose. He’s creepy, disturbing, lonely and all he wants to do is make the good citizens of Gotham City smile. From what I can gather it doesn’t quite work out for him and I am going sleep on the concrete and eat Ramen Noodles until I find out why.

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