The Ultimate Draft

It's an annual tradition on our show that on NFL Draft Day we hold our own draft that we call the Ultimate Draft. The following are the picks we each took.

Drew: Medium Rare Steak, Miller High Life, The Green Bay Packers, Fender Stratocaster Guitar, Giannis (Traded for a pick and Bruce Springsteen), Australia, Beatles, cheerleaders/dance teams, fried chicken, wings, Netflix, tortilla chips, and all Marshall amps.

KB: Ms.Sue, Buffalo Trace Bourbon Mumbler, Summerfest, Post Malone, doppler radar, 1998 Britney Spears, Christian Yelich, The Rolling Stones, Lululemon, The Double Team, Steam Rooms, and Stan Smith Adidas.

Armen: Julie (Josh's wife who he traded along with a pick to Josh for Pickles), Youtube, all game 7's, Coca Cola, Marquette University, all Milwaukee custard, Pat McCurdy (traded to Josh for Armen's girlfriend Lara), Olympic games, Kelly Kapowski, all the chairs at iHeart, all quarter zips, and fries.

Josh: Josh's son Jordy, Amazon Prime, pickles (Traded to Armen for Julie and a pick), Pabst, Armen's girlfriend Lara (traded to Armen for Pat McCurdy, stuffed crust pizza, Bruce Springsteen (Traded along with a pick to Drew for Giannis), Wichita State Shockers, pressure washers, taco dip, all fitted caps, and Caddyshack.

You can see the entire draft including our listener picks by clicking the PDF below and make sure to listen to the entire draft by clicking the link below.

Complete Ultimate Draft
Drew and KB's Picks
Drew & K.B.

Drew & K.B.

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