Betting Dilemma: Hedge Or Let It Ride?

The NCAA Men's Championship is tonight and it brought up a subject in which we enjoy, gambling. One of our smart and good listeners, Phil in Jackson, said "@DrewandKB I'm looking for advice on tonight's NCAA game. If Virginia wins tonight I win $400. If they lose I win $120. Regardless of outcome me and one other guy would be first/second. Should I risk it or see if the guy wants to split first and second place and guarantee $260?" This led us to discuss another story of someone who made a $1,500 dollar bet that Texas Tech would win the whole tournament. If they defeat Virginia tonight they will take home $300,000. Numerous people have come forward to try to purchase the ticket for $150,000. Would you hedge either bet or would you let it ride?

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Drew & K.B.

Drew & K.B.

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