What Do The Analytics Say About Packers-Seahawks?

The Packers will look to punch their ticket to the NFC Championship Game as they take on the Seahawks on Sunday evening at Lambeau Field. Eric Eager from Pro Football Focus joined Heller and Dolphin earlier this morning to preview Sunday's matchup from an analytical perspective. Eric explained why offense is much more impactful to a handicap from an analytical perspective than defense is and why the Seahawks should not be as big of an underdog in this game as they currently are. They also asked him how Seattle's injuries factor in to their numbers and explains why Seattle's lack of running game actually might help the Seahawks in this game because it keeps the ball in their best player's hands in Russell Wilson. Finally, Eric explains why PFF's metrics say that Aaron Rodgers have been a middle of the pack quarterback in 2019 and gives a prediction for Sunday night's game. Take a listen and don't forget to tune in to Heller and Dolphin from 8am-11!


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