Is it a Picture of Door or a Beach | Rahny Taylor Morning Show

Here's the latest entry in a long, long line of successors to The Dress.

A woman on Twitter named Becky recently posted a picture that's become the latest optical illusion to go viral.  The question:  Is it a picture of a DOOR . . . or a BEACH?


The picture shows a big blue area, a small green area, and then a dusty off-white area.  So it's either a picture of a beach flipped on its side . . . or it's a close-up of a section of a door and a wall.

After the debate RAGED for a few days on Twitter, Becky posted another picture with an answer.


That picture shows it's a beach with some people in the green water.

But some people online REFUSE to believe it . . . they think Becky Photoshopped those people in. 

(Huffington Post


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