A Bride Calls Off Wedding Because Friends & Family Wouldn't Chip In

You know, I am totally on this woman's side.  I also hate it when I ask my family and closest friends for a tiny little favor and they won't do it.

There's a woman named Susan, and she recently posted a rant on Facebook that's going viral.

Susan and her fiancĂ© were all set to get married, but they had a problem.  Her dream wedding cost $60,000 and they only had $15,000.  She wanted a, quote, "extravagant blow-out wedding" where she could "be a Kardashian for a day".

So Susan asked all of her friends and family if they'd give them cash to help cover the cost.  And not just a little money . . . she wrote, quote, "We'd sacrificed so much and only asked each guest for around $1,500."

But when only eight people sent them checks, Susan freaked out . . . and called off the wedding.

Oh, and according to her Facebook rant, because of how her fiancĂ© handled the situation, she just dumped him too.  Now she's going to South America for two months to, quote, "rid [herself] of toxic energy." 


(Here are screenshots of her Facebook rant.  WARNING!  Lots of swear words!  Hopefully this is all just a joke.)


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